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Yesterday’s Weirdness

Yesterday was extremely weird.  During Gabrielle’s volleyball game, and while my squad was cheering our asses off, Brianna just suddenly ran out of the court with one hand clutching her stomach and another holding her mouth.  After around ten minutes, she came back in looking pale.

"What’s up?"  I asked her.  "It’s nothing.  That mac and cheese I had for breakfast was probably bad already…"  She replied, and tried to dance again.  "You should go to the nurse, Bree.  I can handle the squad."  I told her, concerned.  She gave me a weak smile and headed out again.

Well, that’s not only the weird part.  John Rowland treated us all to Celine’s Ice Cream Parlor right after Gabby’s team won the game.  Here’s our little story…

As a mini victory party, John agreed to treat us girls out for ice cream. The famous Celine’s Ice Cream Parlor was just around the corner and we just walked going there. “I’m starving…” Bree complained to me. “You got that right! Forget what I said about a cheerleader keeping her figure…I want some ice cream!” I replied with my eyes on the parlor’s poster of ice creams.

“Hey girls if you’re planning to put on 10 pounds, I suggest you pay and not John. Don’t be abusive…” Gabby whispered to us. We snickered under our breaths and entered the ice cream parlor. Amy stood outside for a while. She was probably taking another smoke break. We didn’t mind. We got used to it.

I noticed, that the scruffy looking waiter kept on glancing outside. He had curly blond hair and even with his colorful uniform, he still looked like the skater boy that he is. He looks quite familiar though…now where have I seen him? He looks kind of cute if you take a good look at him.

Amy entered the doors with the stench of her cigarette trailing her. Surprisingly, that waiter, with no nametag, smiled a really cute smile at her. At Amy! Whoa…that was weird! When Amy sat down at our table, “Gross…that waiter smiled at me. Weird huh?” she said in a stoic tone. “Don’t mind him, Amy. He’s not for you.” I warned her, still keeping my eyes on the familiar waiter. “Yeah, sOo not for you!” Gabrielle added with her arm linked with John’s. “He looks a bit cute, don’t you think?” Amy protested.

My eyes grew wide.  Did Amelia Walsh just say that the waiter was cute? “Nuh-uh! He’s not cute. He’s ragged. And with the looks of him, I think he may be on drugs or something. Looks poor.”  Gabby said again, her voice rising. “Sshh…he might hear you.”  Chyckimeetchi said while folding quickly the paper napkins into paper roses…weirdness. She looked obsessed with her art of origami and looked like a mad scientist for a while. Meg and Hailey laughed loudly at Chyckimeetchi’s odd behavior. “Girls.” Sky warned them with just one word and they fell silent.

The waiter took our orders and didn’t take his eyes off of Amy. She just avoided his gaze and fiddled with the cover of her cigarette pack. “Ladies, don’t be shy, ice cream’s on me. Order anything you want.” John said while placing his arm around Gabby. We ordered what we wanted, but in small amounts and with only little toppings. Amy, who wasn’t that hungry, ordered a simple vanilla sundae with chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and with no cherry. “Thanks John!” Gabby, Bree, and I chimed in. “No problem.” He said with a wink.

Soon, the waiter was back and he handed Amy a big banana split supreme with strawberry and chocolate syrup, flavored sprinkles, marshmallows, whipped cream, and a beautiful cherry on top. After giving it to her, he gave her a small smile and a cute wink. “Wow! That’s…huge!” Hailey marveled with awe. “Uh huh…” Meg replied. “Hey, I think we got the wrong…” John’s words were cut off. “There’s a note you guys! It says ‘Can I have your number? By the way, ice cream’s on me. Signed, Cristoff.’ Aww…that’s so sweet!” Amy said weirdly.

I have never heard Amy say that before. And especially, not for a guy. “Cristoff…Cristoff…now where did I hear that name before?” I wondered aloud. I’m pretty sure that I know him. His name and looks matched. I just forgot his last name and the reason why I knew him. Hmmm… “Cristoff Schmidt!” Gabby, Sky, and I said altogether. Only the way Sky said it was tad sarcastic. “I knew he looked familiar!” I said, smiling at Amy.

“Amy, he’s the owner’s son! No wonder he has the money to pay for that big ice cream! I definitely approve!” Gabby said excitedly. John just leaned back and ate his ice cream while we talked. “Wait a minute, Gabby, I thought you don’t like him for…” Meg said with an eyebrow raised. “Sshh! Whatever, Meg! Amy, go for him. He is so for you! You guys make the cutest couple!” Gabby said again.

We finished our ice cream and John paid the bill. Except for Amy’s ice cream anyway. Before heading out and while passing the counter, Amy gave Cristoff a smile and he looked surprised before smiling back. With my sharp eyes and through the glass windows, I saw Cristoff clean our table and pick up a paper napkin with Amy’s name and number scribbled on it. Success! Another beautiful match. He glanced outside and smiled again at Amy, she gave him a playful wink. Hehe!

Amy Walsh Cristoff Schimdt


It’s just another song I love to listen to these days… =)


Love is the Closest Thing We Have to Magic

Hola mi amigas!

Spanish class was torture last Friday.  How extremely annoying.  Anyway, I wrote this to finally admit it.  I am in love with him.  I am in love with Kevin.  It’s great to finally get it off my chest ya know.

Yesterday was uber boring.  I cannot believe I spent an entire day doing absolutely nothing here at home.  All I did was lay around, text message Kevin, watch television and read a book.  Ugh.  Life is freakin’ unfair.  But looking at the bright side, there are still plenty of things to look forward to! Of course, there’s the Anual Inter-School Cheer Off which I am extremely ecstatic about! It’s going to be towards the end of October but I know, I’m going to be totally prepared to take the trophy.

I know Gabby’s extremely happy right now.  Lemme narrate the happenings of FRiday afternoon.

Both the boys’ and girls’ soccer teams were out on the field that day, practicing really hard. I just found myself distracted from cheering and was more interested to what dear old Gabrielle was doing to catch some prey. While running around the oval, my best friend kept on glancing at her long-time crush John Rowland.

Luckily, and finally, he noticed her! Well who wouldn’t? She was wearing her baby blue tennis shorts and a tight white tank top. She and John exchanged a few glances and when he wasn’t looking, Gabby winked at me and gave me a thumbs-up! I knew it! She was so on to him. Still jogging, John turned to her, and gave her his cutest smile that both Gabby and I have ever seen. I have always approved of him for Gabby. They just look so good together!

Of course, Gabby smiled back and John gave her a small wave. She never took her eyes off him because she thought she memorized each curve, stone and pebble of the oval. Out of nowhere, the girls’ soccer ball came flying at Gabby and, still distracted, it knocked her off.

“Oh shit! So not graceful! Regain poise honey! Hurry! Hurry!” I whispered to myself, hoping that Gabrielle could hear me with our best friend-bluetooth connection. Gabby struggled a bit, and to my disbelief, John came running to her aid. That evil Tabitha Zella was the one who kicked that damn ball. Oh that bitch…Tabby is also on the girls’ soccer team. She’s bitchy, desperate, a big wannabe and a slut. She’s a sophomore and most of the girls hate her. I mean, who wouldn’t? Grrr…that bitch!

“Oh sorry!” Tabby shouted out to her. When Gabby gathered herself she shouted back, “No problem!” and added whispering, “You bitch…”. It was good that John didn’t hear her say that when he was helping her up. Gabby stared at his gorgeous eyes and hot lips. It was a dream-come-true! Meanwhile, I was so distracted that I told the girls to pack up and that we would continue tomorrow. It was so hard to practice a cheer while watching Gabby moving on to John!

I got my stuff and joined Amy and Tatiana on the bench. Brianna met up with Shawn outside and he brought her home. Amy and Tatiana were watching Gabby too. Back to Gabrielle, John never stopped smiling. “Hey, are you alright? I’m John by the way.” He said and offered his hand to shake. “Yeah, I know. I mean, I’m Gabrielle. Gabby actually.” She said smiling too. They shook hands and Gabby started to run again. “You’d have to run to talk.” She said to him teasingly. John jogged along with her and they talked a bit.

After Gabby’s jog and after she chatted with John, she came to us and the sun was already setting. “This is the best day of my life! Better than seeing Orlando pass by our houses! Oh God…he asked for my fuckin number!” she was practically shrieking with joy. Gabby was so happy and so was I. We kept on hugging and shrieking and everything.  Gabby and John exchanged numbers! Yipee!

Now wasn’t that exciting? Too bad Gabby had to wait all night beside her phone.  She was so disappointed when John didn’t call.  But luckily, he called her the next day with a reasonable excuse.  Oh how absolutely wonderful! :) I’m looking forward to getting to school tomorrow.  But the thing is, Kevin and I haven’t been hanging out so much lately.  I know I luuurve him…but well, there’s been a gap.  Hmmm…

Love is a perky elf dancing a merry little jig and then suddenly he turns on you with a miniature machine gun.
— Matt Groening
This is my super adorable white Scottish Terrier puppy named Bubbles! Isn’t he the cutest? :)

This is my super adorable white Scottish Terrier puppy named Bubbles! Isn’t he the cutest? :)


One Down, Three to Go!

I love it! One quarter of the school year is over and now we’re down to three more.  Such progress into the school year warms my heart.  Okay, enough with the crap.

Why am I acting like an obsessed caring girlfriend? It’s been going around the school.  Rumors are spreading about me, Katya Livingston, turning from the queen bitch to the loyal and loving girlfriend.  I just want to clarify that those rumors are so not true… … .

At least I think so.

Kevin and I are not so exclusive.  Maybe semi…

Anyway, school is still fugly and boring.  Trigonometry makes me sick.  Good news! The girls volleyball team is competing with Johnsons High next month and I so can’t wait! Gabrielle and the rest of her team are totally ready to kick some Beaver ass.  I know, why the hell would Johnsons High choose a beaver mascot? It’s like, so gross.  Well, let’s just wish them luck everyone.  We know we’re going to win.  With my squad’s cheer spirit, I’m sure Hua Xung University won’t let anyone down ;-)

Aside from the volleyball team, our spunky captain of the girls soccer team has proudly announced their win over the girls at Crimson Prep last week.  It’s totally amazing how our soccer team has been winning continuously since my dear gal pal became captain! Go go go HXU!

I would also like to congratulate Hailey Metcalfe’s crew for their newly opened dance studio down at 12th Street! I must say she and Channing have been quite successful with both their relationship and dance careers.

Sad thing is, the swim team has been practicing doubly hard for the past couple of weeks that the girls and I rarely see Margaret.  Hmm…spending a lot of time with dear best friend David must be fun.

I’ll update when I’m not terribly busy with my social life


Katya Livingston

booored…i want to talk to Kevin.

booored…i want to talk to Kevin.


Start of Something New

Amazingly, I am still surviving an exclusive relationship.  I realized how hard the stick-to-one boyfriend policy is! Kevin makes it much more worth while though.  It’s great and all, but his smoking is effin irritating! He thinks I don’t care…but well, I don’t have to prove anything.  I told myself I would do almost anything to get Kevin to be with me, and all he asked for was for he and I to be exclusive.  In other words, we can’t date anyone else.

Being daring and all, of course I agreed.  But now, I guess it’s not so bad.  He and I are so…perfect.  But the thing is, he keeps on hanging out with Janice Ian.  I know they’ve been friends for a longer time, but still…he should be concerned with how I feel.  Urgh.  That just makes me sound emotional.  Or am I? Eew…creepy.

Well, two more weeks before the first semester’s examinations.  No worries.  I have everything under control.  As for Hua Xung University’s reputation in sports, well…no one can really beat us.  With my squad cheering, anything is possible.

mah bOo!!! <3

mah bOo!!! <3


Another few weeks into my junior year.  Wow…I haven’t felt so busy in my entire life! But of course, I always take time to spend bitchin’ around and hang out with my friends.  Just last weekend, my good friend Orlando Bloom swung by to my place for a visit.  I could say, it wasn’t just an ordinary visit…it was heated…and passionate.  Well, so it seemed.  He didn’t stay long, though.  He still had to fly to some beach to shoot the movie he was starring in.  Oh Orlando is such a hottie.

Is it just me or am I being a bad girlfriend? Fine, I have been quite unfair to Kevin.  He has put up with my bad reputation and he restrains himself from beating up people who try to question why he chose me as his girlfriend.

"I’m way better than that Janice Ian bitch, anyway."  I would brag to everyone.

Kevin is the bad boy on the Harley bike.  So hard core, and so my type.  Is it right to say opposites attract? I haven’t been the type to go for the football jock, or the three-pointer in the basketball team.  I have always been a sucker for guys with such romantic lines.  Yep, Kevin Fields can be pretty poetic.  He actually jives well with my good friend Amy.

Gabrielle was so shocked when I told her the news about Orlando.

"You so did not!"  She half-shrieked during History class.

"I so did.  And…I don’t regret it."  I replied and giggled in my seat.  Our giggling caught the teacher’s eye.

"Ms. Solis and Ms. Livingston, please pay attention!"  Mrs. Cheelton snarled.

I am a straight A student.  And so are most of my friends.  Sky is a genius, Gabby and I are honor students, Margaret and Hailey have above average grades, and Amy, Bree, and Tatiana, have maintained average grades.  There’s a reason why we, the University Girls, are on top.  We’re beautiful.  We have connections.  And we’re freakin confident and stylish.  It’s cute how the students in our school came up with the nickname University Girls.  Til next time girls.